With the new language pairs added to our portfolio and the expanding professional translator network, we provide services for to various industries from healthcare to automotive, from information technologies to academics.

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When you decide to transfer your influencing content and message you created after long hours to foreign local markets, how can you ensure that your messages accurately reach the target audience and create the same impact in the new market?

This is where you need to find the right solution partner which you can trust to facilitate and support your globalization process.

As Detay Translation Services, we are not only transferring words from one language to another. We adapt you contents to the target culture and ensure that you effectively address the target audiences. While doing this, we benefit from all kinds of technological solutions to expedite this process with our language experts and technical experts.

We know how important it is to have a translated text that is fluent and sounds natural just lie the original text. So, before finalizing our projects, we run an editing-proofreading process. We are also providing editing-proofreading services independent from the translation or localization processes and check your previously translated texts. We may conduct these checks against the original text or only on the translated text.

Desktop publishing is the process of preparing documents for publishing or printing. A complete DTP process consists of selection of the font and text layout, graphical design, page layout and printing. So why would you need it for a translated document?


  • Every language has a specific structure and thus, the alignment of the text in the document may vary depending on the language.
  • Some fonts may not support all characters in different languages.
  • In translation, the length of text may change up to 25%. The change in the length of the sentences or words may require going over the entire page layout in the original text.

As Detay Translation Services, we provide transcription services for all your audio and video recordings. We deliver decoded texts as they are without making any corrections or after editing and correcting the incoherencies, false uses, spelling/grammatical errors.

We prepare subtitles for the decoded texts and provide subtitle translation and localization services.


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